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Unparalleled Durability

Rilsan® Polyamide Fine Powder coatings excel in resisting alkaline and chlorinated hot water, a vital feature for wire goods exposed to rigorous use. Their superior abrasion and wear resistance ensure long-lasting performance, while their impact resistance adds an extra layer of protection. This durability makes them perfect for dishwasher baskets, shopping trolleys, and other wire goods requiring longevity and resilience.


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Safe and Compliant

Adhering to food safety standards, Rilsan® Polyamide Fine Powder coatings are suitable for applications involving food contact. This compliance is crucial for products like dishwasher baskets and shopping trolleys, ensuring safety and quality in consumer goods.

Economical and More Sustainable

Ease of processing is a key advantage of Arkema's powder metal coatings, offering manufacturers a cost-effective, efficient application process. This user-friendly nature is complemented by Arkema's dedication to sustainability, aligning with the global demand for more sustainable product solutions.

By combining robust performance, safety compliance, and environmental responsibility, these coatings meet the evolving needs of manufacturers and consumers alike.