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A 100% biobased polymer for powder coating 

The Rilsan® Fine Powders product range is based on polyamide 11, a 100% biobased polymer. This high-performance polymer originates from the renewable castor plant, which does not compete with animal or human nutrition. We at Arkema developed a range of Advanced Bio Circular solutions with their trademark properties, such as light weight, flexibility, durability, energy return, and overall toughness.

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At Arkema, we continuously work to develop a global network of powder-coating applicator partners. We value applicator-partners expertise in powder coating technology and understanding of customers' needs in terms of powder coating's performances, effects and colors. 

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Rilsan® Fine Powder Coatings' Physical and Chemical Properties

The main advantages Rilsan® Fine Powder coatings offer are abrasion resistance, toughness and impact resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and easy processing. The chemical resistance of Rilsan® PA11 coatings is reflected both in high dimensional stability under harsh conditions and in the non-degradation of the polymer matrix, making it a great solution for highly demanding applications. To find out more about Rilsan® Fine Powders' physical and chemical properties for highly demanding applications, you can download our brochure. 

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Color-matched formulations for powder coating

These powders are available in many different particle size distributions and formulations to allow application by common powder coating methods used today. A wide variety of colors are available through dry blend or melt-mix coloration. The melt-mix (mass coloration) process produces a stable finish and superior UV stability compared to dry blended grades. Special grades and color-matched formulations can be developed specifically to suit customer needs.


Rilsan® T For Fluid Bed Dipping


Rilsan® T grades are designed for the fluidized bed dip coating process. A coating thickness between 250 to 500 μm is typical.

*The 'T' comes from the French word "trempage," which translates to "dipping" in English. Rilsan® T grades are sometimes referred to as Rilsan® FB for Fluid Bed.


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Rilsan® ES and Rilsan® ESY For Electrostatic Spraying

These product ranges are designed for the electrostatic spraying process using positive, negative or “tribo” guns.

Positive polarity is recommended for Rilsan® ES grades. Rilsan® ESY powders are specially formulated with a built-in adhesion promoter to improve adhesion on the substrate. ESY powders do not require primer, except when very durable corrosion resistance is needed. The recommended coating thickness is between 100 and 150µm.

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Rilsan® MC For Minicoating

Rilsan® MC grades are specifically designed for the coating of small items via the minicoat/maxicoat process, which was originally developed by Arkema. The coating thickness is typically between 170 and 300 µm.


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Primers: Primgreen and Rilprim

Two high-performance primers are commercially available: Primgreen (water-borne, low VOC) and Rilprim (solvent-based) primers. These primers have been specifically developed to be compatible with Rilsan® Fine Powder coatings on a variety of metal substrates and at various processing temperatures. Using primers helps provide the best anti-corrosion properties attainable when combined with Rilsan® PA11 coatings.

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Literature on Rilsan® Fine Powders 

To learn more about Rilsan® Fine Powders' properties you can go to our literature page. You can find a rich library of brochures and articles on various processing technologies and applications. 


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