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The can coating market is divided into food, beverage, aerosol, closures, and general segments. For all these segments, coating requirements in terms of additive properties are quite similar, namely flexibility, high abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, as well as temperature resistance.

Orgasol® powder: an additive that combines flexibility and abrasion/scratch resistance to improve durability

Can coating must ensure a good protection of food/beverage and packaging during food preparation (sterilization, for instance), transportation and storage. Can coatings are high-end, durable metal coatings exposed to different chemical, temperature and climatic conditions, in which Orgasol® polyamide powder are used to meet these difficult requirements.

The properties of durable can coatings are numerous

  • Flexibility : some cans are formed after being coated

  • Lubricity/anti blocking : enabling the can forming process

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Scratch resistance

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Temperature and pressure resistance.

  • No migration of substances which could

    • be harmful for human health

    • alter the organoleptic properties of food / beverages

Orgasol® is a semi-crystalline PA12 powder, which acts as a toughening agent, increasing the flexibility and the resistance to crack propagation of thermoset coatings used for can coatings. They are also additives of choice for improving abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and anti-blocking properties, thanks to their unique mechanical properties.

Orgasol® 2001 UD NAT2 (5µm-particles) and Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT 1 are FDA compliant polyamide 12 powders, and exhibit very narrow size distribution. Used in can coating formulations, they provide a smooth homogeneous coating surface with a low coefficient of friction, improving the slipping properties of the coating.

Orgasol® PA 12 powders are easily dispersed in epoxy, phenolic, acrylic, and polyester formulations. Moreover, Orgasol® powders are compatible with water based and 100% solid UV/EB curable formulations, all new trends in the can coating market. Orgasol® products provide the same benefits in BPA-free can coating systems.