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Brochure: Bio-Based Polyamide Fine Powders Durable by Nature

Rilsan® Fine Powders are part of our Advanced Bio-Circular Materials offer designed to sustainably meet the challenges of an evolving world. Rilsan® Fine Powders are constantly evolving and developing to meet your needs. Our specialized micronization process is capable of creating a variety of uniform particle sizes, providing a powder that meets your specific processing and performance needs.

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Rilsan® Fine Powder Coatings' Physical and Chemical Properties

The main advantages Rilsan® Fine Powder coatings offer are abrasion resistance, toughness and impact resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and easy processing. The chemical resistance of Rilsan® PA11 coatings is reflected both in high dimensional stability under harsh conditions and in the non-degradation of the polymer matrix, making it a great solution for highly demanding applications. To find out more about Rilsan® Fine Powders' physical and chemical properties for highly demanding applications, you can download specific brochures.  

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Why treat the surface before applying Rilsan® Fine Powders coating?

Surface pre-treatment includes the necessary steps that precede the application of a Rilsan® powder coating on the substrate to be protected. The purpose of the pre-treatment stage is twofold. First, it eliminates all impurities from the surface prior to coating. Second, one or more protective undercoats can be applied to obtain a high-quality coating and achieve optimum performance. The lifetime of the protective coating very much depends on the quality of the preliminary surface treatment.

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Brochure: Fluidized bed dip-coating

Fluidized bed dip-coating is a process of immersing a heating part into powder suspended by rising airflow.  There are multiple criteria to consider when selecting this process for application:

  • Part thickness
  • Coating thickness
  • Part Dimensions
  • Nature of the substrate

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Brochure: Electrostatic spray coating process with Rilsan® Fine Powders 

Electrostatic spray coating consists of depositing electrically charged powder particles on the metal surface at ambient temperature. Rilsan® ES grades require the use of spraying equipment either of the "corona" type (positive or negative polarity) or the "tribo" type.


Brochure: Benefits of Rilsan® coatings for piping systems

Rilsan® coatings have been used in water treatment plants and fluid transportation systems since 1967. These polyamide 11 coatings offer unique benefits by protecting metal parts from corrosion, mechanical impact and chemical attack while preserving water quality
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Brochure: Bio-based and Durable Undergarment Coating 

Rilsan® coating has been used in the lingerie industry for many years. It is internationally acknowledged as a coating material for adjustors, clips and bra wires. Its unique properties allow providing to lingerie companies with the best-performing coating solution. 

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Brochure: Benefits of Rilsan® coatings for busbars, battery racks, electrical devices

Rilsan® Polyamide 11 coatings have been used in applications involving electrical insulation since they were first applied to electrical cabinets in Denmark in the mid-’90s. These bio-based polyamide coatings offer great protection from high voltage while also providing excellent flexibility, impact and abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, and UV resistance. 

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