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By offering superior durability and a long history of success around the globe, Arkema’s Rilsan® Fine Powders are the natural coating choice for corrosion protection, flexibility, and resistance to impact, abrasion and chemicals.

Water Treatment

Specific Properties

  • Anti-corrosion properties

  • Smooth surface for optimum flow, low pressure loss

  • Compliance with the most demanding specifications for contact with drinking water (US, Europe, Japan)

  • Very good resistance to wear and cavitation

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Impact resistance

  • Good UV resistance


  • Pipes and fittings (drinking and wastewater treatment plants)

  • Valves, flanges, couplings

  • Cross fittings, elbow joints, Y-joints

Oil & gas industry

Specific properties

  • Excellent stability at high temperatures

  • Good UV resistance

  • Excellent chemical resistance, especially hydrocarbon

  • High impact resistance even at very low temperatures

  • Low moisture absorption

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • High abrasion resistance


  • Injection tubing

  • Oil and gas production and test lines

  • Gas and water injection lines

  • Nitrogen and hydraulic lines

  • Pumping stations