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Monolithic & Breathable

Certain Pebax® polymer grades are inherently breathable when extruded alone or in combination with otherwise non-breathable resins.

Through very careful choice of proprietary polyether block chemistry within the Pebax® polymer backbone, a continuous molecular channel may be achieved that allows physical transport of water vapor molecules while simultaneously blocking any transport of liquid water. 

Unlike perforated or microporous films, monolithic films made from Pebax polymers do not rely on vapor transport through holes or voids (which enables physical transport in both directions). 

The moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of the final film may be finely tuned by either varying the thickness or by the level of Pebax® polymer within the host material (usually functional polyolefin). 


Typical Applications

  • Construction (Medium, High Perm Housewra, and Roofing)

  • Surgical Gowns, Bed Encasements

  • Surgical Drapes, Masks, Gloves

  • Mattress, Pillow Protectors

  • Packaging

  • Waterproof Apparel 

Monolithic films also ensure better odor barrier properties and protect against gradual loss of overall performance due to plugging.

Choose the Right Grade

There are four grades of Pebax® offered for breathable/hydrophilic applications:

Pebax® MH 1657: Higher melt point, Best in class for solvant cast process (Datasheet US/SI)

Pebax® MV 1074: Standard grade with high breathability (Datasheet US/SI)

Pebax® MV 3000: Soft touch, Ease of processing, Good adhesion on different substrates by extrusion coating (Datasheet US/SI)

Pebax® 30R51: New bio-based grade with high breathability 

Each grade is tailored in its performance according to the careful selection by Arkema of the polyether and polyamide blocks in the Pebax® polymer backbone:

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