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Specific properties

  • Warm-to-touch and smooth surface

  • Easy to clean, resistance to chemicals and sterilization (heat)

  • Lightweight durability

  • Corrosion resistance


  • Hospital furniture (e.g. beds, wheelchairs)

  • Ambulance stretchers

  • Supports and bathroom equipment for disabled peoples toilets
  • Coated medical instruments, trays, and other equipment

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Nylon R-AM: your effective solution to curb cross-contamination

Nylon R-AM powder coatings, produced by Nylon Colours, contains dedicated additives which they say help reduce the risk of contamination as well as limit the growth of surface microorganisms. According to Nylon Colours, this helps protect hospital equipment and furniture in the long term from the most severe bacterial attacks.

In addition, Rilsan® polyamide 11 based Nylon R-AM coatings combine outstanding anti-corrosion properties, excellent chemical inertness, good impact resistance, being easy to clean, and is a hygienic coating.

Nylon R-AM is a product range produced and commercialized by Nylon Colours company, a historical partner of ARKEMA for Rilsan® PA11-based products.