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Ink manufacturers have noticed growing sales in the packaging inkjet market, for which high performance surface properties are essential. Using the right additive in overprint varnishes (OPV) and inks is critical.

Orgasol® powder, used at low level, is the best additive to achieve a combination of different ink and OPV properties:

  • gloss level control

  • slip and lubricity

  • scratch and rub resistance

  • texture

With an emphasis on gloss level control and lubricity improvement.

Adding Orgasol® powder results in an anti-blocking effect and a decrease in the coefficient of friction while increasing the abrasion resistance and durability of the coating.

The benefits of using Orgasol® powder in inks are also well known to the magazine and films markets.

Orgasol® powder is easily dispersed in acrylics, especially those used by ink manufacturers. Orgasol® powder can be used in solvent based as well as water based or 100% solid UV curable formulations.