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From the realm of aircraft engines to the intricacies of semiconductor fabrication or wear-resistant engines, Polyimide powder/mold materials are redefining industry approaches to design and production. In semiconductors, consumer electronics and aerospace, these materials play a crucial role in developing lighter, more efficient components by offering advanced insulation solutions. Similarly, the material delivers vital thermal resistance, insulation, and adhesion characteristics crucial for modern semiconductor manufacturing techniques. 

Semiconductor application: Exceptional Thermal and Mechanical Properties

It is used as a core material for semiconductor front-end and back-end process components that require high etching resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability, such as etch rings, vacuum pads, and test sockets. Polyimide powder and stock shapes are renowned for their remarkable thermal endurance, abrasion resistance, and ease of processing. It retains its properties under extreme conditions, ensuring dimensional stability and sustained performance in harsh environments.

Empowering Advanced Solutions with Polyimide Materials

Polyimide powder and stock shape materials are empowering sectors to transcend conventional limitations. an extensive array of Polyimide powders for fillers and molds, these solutions facilitate operations across a spectrum of temperatures. They offer answers for high friction and wear resistance, and precision in component integration.

Polyimide (PI)  for powder and mold applications 

We provide PI powder and stock shapes for a broad range of applications from machinery and display to semiconductors and aerospace industries. Polyimide is the material of choice for applications in harsh environments requiring extreme material performance. 

Polyimide (PI) powder and stock shape key properties:

Thermique_chaud_picto_espace_RVB.png Resistance_abrasion_espace_RVB.png down stream-espace_RVB.png Comparateur_produits_picto-espace_RVB.png
Thermal Properties
Abrasion Resistance
Dimensional Stability 

Polyimide powder and stock shapes can maintain their original properties even at 300℃ and dimensional stability up to 500℃.          

Self-lubricating and highly heat resistant, Polyimide powder and stock shapes can retain their original shape and size against high friction and abrasion.

Polyimide powder and stock shapes’ excellent elasticity allows for high-precision processing of small tolerance components.

Polyimide powder and stock shape's ability to retain its original dimensions under high pressure and temperatures makes it ideal for component integration applications.


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