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Polyimide (PI) Varnish: A Keystone in Electric Mobility and Semiconductor Excellence

In the rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) sector, our polyimide varnishes stand out by combining outstanding thermal stability and excellent electrical insulation, allowing for the minimization of insulation thickness for improved economics and maximum energy density in electrical motors. Our PI varnishes have been used successfully for several years in the world’s first pure 800 V EV platforms. In 400 V EV, PI varnishes allow downsizing of the insulation thickness.

Semiconductors and Beyond: A Broad Spectrum of Applications

For the semiconductor industry, our highly thermal-resistant and adhesive Polyimide varnish is essential. It ensures electrical insulation and adhesion during the manufacturing process, serving major semiconductor clients globally. Furthermore, our Photosensitive Polyimide (PSPI) is paving the way for advancements in semiconductor technology. 

Polyimide (PI) Varnish: ultra high-performance material

We provide Polyimide (PI) varnish solutions for a broad range of applications from machinery and display to semiconductors and aerospace industries. Polyimide varnish is the material of choice for applications in harsh environments requiring extreme material performance.

Polyimide (PI) varnish's key properties:


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Mechanical & Electrical Properties
Advanced Thermal Properties 
Superior long-term  storage stability

Polyimide varnish maintains excellent electrical insulation (low dielectric constant), tensile strength and abrasion resistance over a wide range of temperatures, owing to its extremely high glass transition temperature (typically above 360℃).

With a decomposition temperature of 560℃ or higher PI varnish’s non-melting properties can preserve dimensional stability during the heat treatment process at extreme temperatures. Polyimide varnishes typically exhibit a Temperature Index of 240°C or above per ASTM D 2307 (Standard Test Method for Thermal Endurance of Film-Insulated Round Magnet Wire) required for 800 V EV motors.

Our PI varnish maintains stable viscosity at room temperature and can be used long term if kept in refrigerated storage.




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