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Commitment to More Sustainable Solutions

Rilsan® Polyamide Fine Powders align with the renewable energy sector's sustainability goals. These bio-based coatings underscore Arkema’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of renewable energy technologies, supporting the industry's move towards a sustainable future.

Versatile Applications in Renewable Energy

Optimal Protection for Windmill Bearing Cages

The slewing bearings in a wind turbine's blade pitch system play a critical role in oscillation management and load transfer from rotor blades to the hub. Here, Arkema's Rilsan® Polyamide Fine Powders, excel by offering unmatched abrasion resistance and a low friction coefficient. This unique combination prevents bearing damage and is particularly effective in offshore environments. The superior corrosion resistance of these powder metal coatings ensures reliable operation even under the most challenging conditions, making them indispensable for offshore windmills.

Enhancing Accumulator Performance with Advanced Coatings

In wind turbines, accumulators are integral for fluid storage and pressure regulation, playing a key role in system pressure maintenance, hydraulic shock absorption, and fluid leakage compensation. The application of Rilsan® Polyamide Fine Powders as a powder metal coating on accumulators significantly reduces friction between the shell and the bladder. This friction reduction not only triples the product life but also ensures minimal nitrogen permeation and a high cycle life. The ability of these coatings to perform across a wide temperature range is crucial for optimizing power output in variable wind speeds.