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Kepstan® PEKK is a versatile material that can be used in many traditional thermoplastic processes such as injection molding and extrusion. The material properties offer ultra-high performance for the most extreme environments, including high temperature and demanding mechanical requirements.


Kepstan® PEKK maintains its high tensile strength at elevated temperatures over 150°C.


Kepstan® PEKK retains a high tensile modulus at extreme temperatures up to 165°C.




Kepstan® PEKK exhibits a regular and controlled wear rate even at high temperatures and above its Tg (165°C).

Compatible with Traditional Processing Methods

Stock Shapes Extrusion:

  • Long residence time and pressure leads to high crystallinity
  • Can be machined into gears, seals, and complex geometries

Compression Molding:

  • High crystallinity process
  • Quick turn-around for manufacturing
  • Can be done from Kepstan® PEKK pellets

Injection Molding:

  • Fast manufacturing for higher volume production
  • Good crystallization - retains excellent properties


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Chemical and Barrier Properties