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Agiplast® materials are recycled plastic compounds

Agimid® PA11, Agimid® PA12, Agiflex® PEBA, and Agitech™ PVDF are recycled high performance thermoplastics produced using 100% renewable energy. They are reengineered, recompounded, and recertified to meet several international performance standards. 

Their low CO2 impact makes them ideal solutions to meet sustainability goals while also delivering high performance. 

Mechanical recycling using only renewable energy

The Agiplast® range of recycled polymers represents a significant reduction in energy required to produce that compared to the production of virgin materials.

Arkema uses only renewable energy in their manufacture. These high performance thermoplastic polymers are particularly well suited to mechanical vs. chemical recycling. 

This can be a big step forward for our customers with a strong sustainability and CSR ambition.  



The circular economy should not only be driven by efforts in commodity plastics. Recycling advanced materials becomes more and more important each day.

Did you know?

A set of 6 various sources now supply the plant with year round green energy. The 6 sources are: solar photovoltaic; solar thermodynamics; hydroelectric; wind; geothermic, bio gas. The recycled materials are now made using 100% sustainably sourced energy. 

The Agiplast® product family 

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Agimid® Recycled PA11 

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Agimid PA12 Product Teaser V2.png

Agimid® Recycled PA12 



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Agiflex® Recycled PEBA 

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Agitech Recycled PVDF



Pioneer in mechanical recycling of high performance polymers

With a legacy of over two decades, we are true pioneers and innovators in this field. We have achieved this in true partnership with our global network of suppliers and customers. This is a network that we continue to nurture and grow. 

Let's grow together.TM

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Here to support you

We have a team of dedicated material scientists ready to help you and your project move forward. This is particularly important in finetuning the detailed composition of your particular recycled grade. Contact us today to discuss the details. 


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