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Kepstan® PEKK based powder coatings offer an outstanding combination of physical properties and application ease that make it the ideal choice for your demanding coatings application.

Key Advantages of Kepstan® PEKK Powder Coatings

  • Easy application / low application temperature
  • Excellent adhesion to metal - no primer required
  • High abrasion resistance + hardness
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Excellent Performance Across a Wide Range of Properties

Kepstan® PEKK powder coatings offer an excellent balance of performance in a variety of key coating properties, including hardness, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance.


Amorphous vs. Semi-crystalline Kepstan® PEKK Powder Coatings

Kepstan® PEKK powder coatings can be coated in the amorphous state and left as-is, or annealed to the semi-crystalline state. Amorphous Kepstan® PEKK coatings retain higher flexibility, allowing for even better adhesion, especially for parts subjected to intense thermal cycling. Semi-crystalline coatings offer better temperature, chemical, and wear resistance. Contact us to discuss your coating application.


Application Methods

Kepstan® PEKK powder coatings can easily be applied for demanding coatings applications.