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Orgasol® powders can also be used as a smoothing agent to help reduce the coefficient of friction and add lubricity to the final coating. These REACH-compliant polyamide powders make an excellent alternative to PTFE waxes. Now formulators have an excellent alternative to PTFE waxes for reducing the coefficient of friction/slip aid and improving abrasion resistance while staying compliant with the changing regulatory landscape.

Coefficient of friction

As you can see in the chart below, a small amount of Orgasol® powder reduced the dynamic coefficient of friction to a similar level as that of the PTFE/PE wax evaluated.  Additionally, the Orgasol® powder at the same time imparts other great properties like abrasion resistance, gloss control, and stain & chemical resistance.  So when you need lubricity in addition to other properties, Orgasol® powders are a great option. 

Coil coating lubricity solutions

Can coating lubricity solutions

Orgasol® powders coefficient of friction vs PTFE wax

PTFE wax alternative

Why should you consider looking for an alternative to PTFE wax?

  • Because Orgasol® powders are compliant with European Union REACH Annex XVII (as of 4 July 2020).  This provides formulators with an alternative slip aid additive that also improves abrasion resistance while remaining compliant to current regulatory requirements.
  • To request an official regulatory compliance letter, contact our team using the form below.

Orgasol® powders as an alternative to PTFE wax

Additionally these powders have... 

  • European Food Contact and FDA approval: Orgasol® 2001 UD NAT 2 and Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT 1 are compliant with FDA 177-1500 and 175-300
  • Density close to 1: limited tendency to settle or float

  • Refractive index (1,52-1,53): limited haze
  • Smooth, surface with reduce coefficient of friction

  • Improved scratch and abrasion resistance

  • Limited impact on gloss (if adapted particle size is selected)

  • High temperature resistance (melting point at 177°C)