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Gas Distribution

With a proven track record of quality and performance, Rilsan® PA11 is a known and trusted solution within the gas distribution market. Its range of application sizes from 2 to 6 inch pipes make it available for various applications.

Recently approved for pressures up to 250 psi, Rilsan® PA11 is a D.O.T. Permitted Plastic for High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipelines.

Its combination of chemical resistance, lightweight, and lower lifetime cost than steel makes it an ideal solution for gas distribution.


Lower Cost Benefits


  • Coiled pipe that can be plowed or planted
  • Installation using existing PE installation equipment
  • Joining by butt fusion
  • Corrosion resistance

Safety Benefits

  • Excellent resistance to slow crack growth and rapid crack propagation
  • No cathodic protection needed
  • Complete range of fittings, couplings, ball valves, and risers

Gas Gathering

Rilsan® PA11 has advantages over steel in the gas gathering market including its cost effectiveness and corrosion resistance. Its higher psi range give it an advantage over current polyethylene solutions. In an industry moving towards regulation, Rilsan® PA11 is a safe choice given its current safety approvals for other Oil & Gas applications.

Rilsan® PA11 Applications for Gas Gathering (Unregulated)

  • Up to 315 psi, DR 11
  • Up to 390 psi, DR 9

Long-Term Hydrostatic Stress of Rilsan® PA11

Long Term Performance (ASTM)

@ 23°C (73°F)



Rilsan® PA11
(PA 32316)

HDB (psi)
Published in PPI TR4










MAOP (psig)
For SDR 11










P = (2S / (SDR - 1)) * 0.40 
P = Max Operating Pressure
S = Hoop Stress of Material
SDR = Diameter/Wall Thickness
0.40 = Design Factor

DOT limits PE to using 0.32 as Design Factor.
DOT permits PA11 to using 0.40 as Design Factor. 

Wire and Cable

Kynar Flex® PVDF and Rilsan® PA11 are extreme materials that can hold up to the demanding conditions that downhole wires & cables are subject to. Kynar® resin’s resistance to harsh chemicals and heat make it useable in numerous applications including electrical downhole cables, fiber optic downhole cables, and hybrid electric/fiber cables. Its compatibility with the many different types of materials, pressures, and temperatures make it a choice that brings ease of process when manufacturing and installing the cables. Rilsan® PA11 is a 100% biobased polymer with attributes including abrasion resistance, toughness, and low moisture pickup which ensure a long product lifetime under extreme conditions.

Oil & Gas producers demand products that can be relied on. With decades of trusted use in oil & gas wells around the world Kynar Flex® PVDF and Rilsan® PA11 are considered preferred solutions for downhole applications.

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Gas Station Piping

Kynar® PVDF has been a proven solution for over 50 years for the Gas Station Piping application. Kynar® PVDF and Rilsan® PA11 and PA12 have UL approvals and their resistance to alcohol content and dimensional stability give the materials lasting power for gas station piping.

Contact our Onshore Oil & Gas Team to learn more about which grades would be ideal for your gas station piping application.

Percent Retention in the Tensile Strength of Kynar® After Exposure to Fuel at 40°C for Six Months

Fuel Type

Kynar® 740
(Datasheet US/SI)

Kynar Flex® 2850
(Datasheet US/SI)

Kynar Flex® 2800
(Datasheet US/SI)

C 110.7 107.8 104.4
CE10a 97.8 94.6 91.0
CE85a 99.4 98.2 99.2
B20 115.5 114.2 117.9




Fuel C is a 50/50 mixture of Toluene and Iso-Octane
Fuel CE10a Contains 10% Ethanol
Fuel CE85a Contains 85% Ethanol
B20 is 20% biodiesel fuel
“a” at the end of the name denotes aggressive version of the fuel containing peroxide and copper ions.


Liners made of Kynar® PVDF or Rilsan® PA11 provide internal corrosion protection for both rehabilitation projects and new construction. In both scenarios customers can find significant savings in both capital and operating expenditures when compared to steel pipe replacement.

Rilsan® PA11 is 100% based on renewable resources, and contains low moisture uptake, excellent resistance to chemicals, and low permeability to hydrocarbons. 

Kynar® PVDF can be used for higher temperature requirements while still maintaining resistance to harsh chemicals, hydrocarbons and gases.

Pipe Coating

Rilsan® fine powders have a high resistance to hydrocarbons and other petrochemicals which helps limit corrosion of the pipes used to transport these fluids, effectively extending the service life of these pipes. The high flexibility of our materials gives them an advantage over brittle epoxies and other thermoset coatings. The extreme properties of Rilsan® fine powders can be used to protect a range of accessories in petrochemical applications including pumps, valves, and fittings.

Rilsan® fine powders high performance over long periods of time makes it a cost-effective and trusted solution for coating applications in the Oil & Gas market.

Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe

The light weight and flexibility of reinforced thermoplastic pipes made from Rilsan® PA11 and Kynar® PVDF allow for Oil & Gas customers to deliver the pipes in rolls, which allow for quicker and easier installations.

Key Benefits:

  • Compatibility with aramid fibers
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Lower cost installation
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures
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