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Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) Materials

These are not "just" bio-based materials.  They are truly advanced polymers that are derived from a sustainably farmed feedstock. The Pragati sustainable farming initiative helps to continue a deep societal impact, uplifting thousands of Indian farmers and their families. This social impact extends to environmental impact as ABC materials ultimately help the world reduce its carbon footprint... a carbon footprint that is further reduced when these ABC polymers are recycled & reused.


Step into the loop™ and watch the Virtucycle Program video!

The Virtucycle® program is a partnership program offered to Arkema’s high-performance polymers customers and downstream users. 
The program enables our partners to “step into the loop” by providing polymer for reprocessing or to source new materials with minimum recycled content and no compromise in performance

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The Sustainable Castor Initiative Project 

This is accomplished by training farmers according to the SUCCESS® code to build capacity, improve yields, and reduce environmental impacts, thus helping them to cultivate castor beans effectively and ecologically.

The initiative also provides educational materials to improve the skills and knowledge of the local farmers, to improve their income, and to ensure better health and living conditions.

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The Arkema Castor Scholarship Program

The primary goal of the scholarship is to educate the community on downstream sustainability topics while rewarding them for their creativity and passion.  

Watch this video interview with Suresh Ramachandran, Country Head, Arkema India, for a brief overview of the program.

Several hundred high school students from the castor region participate in 4 separate art, model-making, and essay-writing competitions every year. 

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