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Catheters and Medical Tubing

Arkema offers a wide range of medical grade resins for various healthcare applications.
Discover how our solutions for catheters can fit your needs with Mohana, Business Development Engineer for Healthcare.

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Arkema's Healthcare High Performance Polymers Portfolio

All products have been tested for ISO 10993-4 and -5 and USP Class VI
(compliance letters available upon request)

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When designing catheters—PTCA, angioplasty, guidewires, guide catheters, stent delivery or neurology—material selection is of the utmost importance to achieve optimal performance for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Choosing a material that meets the biocompatibility, sterilization, and chemical resistance needs can be challenging. Not to mention the requirements to be easily processed, easily compounded, while offering low hysteresis and kink resistance to provide the practitioner excellent control over the catheter, to effectively perform the surgery.

Our flagship polymer Pebax® MED offers such control thanks to its superior torque transference and minimal modulus change in the body, making it a leading material globally for the construction of longer length catheter shafts.

In addition those two main characteristics, our Pebax® MED polymers:

  • Have the lowest hysteresis among TPEs

  • Exhibit excellent kink resistance

  • Can be easily extruded

  • Can be easily compounded for custom performance

  • Are sterilizable

  • Are biocompatible

The wide range of durometer and flexural modulus of Pebax® MED grades offers unique solutions for each part of the catheter.

Gamma, steam and ETO sterilization

All our Pebax® MED grades are gamma, steam and ETO sterilizable.

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Compatible with radiopaque fillers

Pebax® MED TPEs are compatible with most radiopaque fillers commonly used in minimally invasive device applications

Bio compatibility testing

All our medical grades have been tested for USP Class VI and ISO 10993-4 and ISO 10993-5. Compliance letters are available upon request.

Chemical Resistance

Pebax® MED provides good chemical resistance to most commonly used hospital chemicals.

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Other solutions for catheters and medical tubing

Our Advanced Bio-based Rilsan® Polyamide 11 and our High Performance Polyamide 12 are also materials of choice for specific tubing, catheters and balloon catheters due to its good burst pressure resistance.

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List of High Performance Polymer's grades for the catheters and medical tubing

Pebax Med.jpg
Plasticizer-free thermoplastic elastomer

made of rigid polyamide 12 block and soft polyether block

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25 Shore D - Pebax® 2533 SA01 MED – TDS 35 Shore D - Pebax® 3533 SA01 MED – TDS 40 Shore D - Pebax® 4033 SA01 MED – TDS
45 Shore D - Pebax® 4533 SA01 MED – TDS 55 Shore D - Pebax® 5533 SA01 MED – TDS 63 Shore D - Pebax® 6333 SA01 MED – TDS
70 Shore D - Pebax® 7033 SA01 MED – TDS 72 Shore D - Pebax® 7233 SA01 MED – TDS 74 Shore D - Pebax® 7433 SA01 MED – TDS
Hydrophilic Pebax® resin for improved lubricity  - Pebax® MV1074 SA01 MED – TDS

Advanced bio-based Polyamide 11

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Extrusion - Rilsan® BESNO MED – TDS

Translucent copolyamide – Rilsan® 8020 – TDS

High performance Polyamide 12

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Extrusion - Rilsan® AESNO MED – TDS