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Orgasol® ultra-fine polyamide powders can be used in water or solvent-based and UV coatings or topcoats as multifunctional additives. Applications include furniture, flooring and joinery.

Key Benefits

  • Easy dispersion

  • No tendency to float

  • Matte to textured finish

  • Stain & chemical resistance

  • Gloss control & texture

  • Abrasion & scratch resistance

  • Good transparency

  • Good sanding behavior


Gloss Control & Texture

Orgasol® powders are easy to disperse without any solvent in water-based systems. Gloss control (matting) and/or surface texture can be achieved and controlled selecting the appropriate Orgasol® grade.

Excellent Matting Efficiency

WB-acylic varnish based on Encor® 2171
2% additive (sapelli wood - dry film thickness: 2x25µm)

Adjustable Surface Finish

Orgasol® powder concentrate (%)
WB 2-components polyurethane topcoat
(dry film thickness: 50µm, from low to highly textured)

Abrasion Resistance

Orgasol® micro-particles reinforce the coating thanks to polyamide mechanical properties, unique compromise of hardness, and flexibility.  Abrasion and wear resistance are enhanced, which preserves the original aspect of the coating.

Stain and Chemical Resistance

Orgasol® fine powder is the only matting additive that both retains and improves chemical resistance of the finish (compatible with R2-R4 Ikea® class furniture).

WB-acylic varnish based on Encor® 2171
2% additive (sapelli wood - dry film thickness: 2x25µm)

UV topcoat for wood furniture for stain resistance