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Polyimide Film: The Backbone of New Technology

Polyimide films are crucial across diverse applications, ranging from Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPCB) to cutting-edge thermal management technologies. As smart devices evolve towards slimmer, more integrated designs, the flexibility and dependability of Polyimide film have become essential. It enables high-efficiency compact circuits in FPCBs, offers superior thermal conductivity in graphite sheets, and guarantees safety and performance in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, marking it as a central element in technological innovation.

Leading the Charge in 5G and Flexible Displays

Modified Polyimide Film (MPI) is essential for minimizing transmission loss in high-speed communications, enhancing 5G antenna performance and supporting seamless data transmission. As the industry shifts towards higher resolution displays and foldable devices, Polyimide film emerges as a benchmark, providing exceptional solutions for Chip on Film (CoF) applications and more.

A Spectrum of Solutions with Polyimide Film

The range of Polyimide films available caters to a variety of applications such as Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), high-temperature insulation, and graphite sheets. We provide the broadest film portfolio commercially available ranging from 4 microns (a unique product worldwide) to more than 160 microns and up to 2,060 mm width. Each product is carefully engineered to offer outstanding mechanical, and electrical properties, and dimensional stability, ensuring unparalleled reliability across all the applications. From flexible displays and electric vehicles to aerospace, Polyimide films offer the versatility and performance demanded by today’s industries.

Polyimide film properties 

Polyimide (PI) films are essential for new technology applications that require the highest performing material for the flexible PCB, graphite sheet, rechargeable battery insulation, 5G technology and displays. We guarantee stable supply and the highest quality PI films thanks to cutting-edge R&D and production facilities.

Polyimide (PI) film’s key properties:

Advanced thermal properties
Dimensional stability


Electrical properties

PI films can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from near absolute zero to 400°C and can adapt to the most demanding manufacturing processes or ultimate use conditions.

PI films are extremely isotropic and retain their original shape and form over a wide temperature range in both directions.  Some of our films are specially engineered to minimize CLTE (Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion) so as to match that of copper, a key requirement for the FPCB industry.

PI films are excellent electrical insulators that can be used in high-voltage environments in electronic devices for stability and electrical conductors for insulation.



Flexibilite_picto-espace_RVB.png Flamme_picto-espace_RVB.png Ballon_chimie_picto-espace_RVB.png
Extreme fire resistance
Chemical resistance


Due to their excellent bendability and dimensional stability, PI films are suitable for flexible/foldable applications and afford flexibility in PCB design.

PI films are halogen-free and intrinsically flame retardants. Our films further display an excellent FST (Flame, Smoke and Toxicity) behavior required for AAD (Aeronautics Aerospace and Defense) applications.

PI films display an all-around excellent chemical resistance to a variety of chemicals. 



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