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The tunable crystallinity of Kepstan® PEKK allows it to be printed by the SLS process, or FFF (in both amorphous and semi-crystalline forms).

FFF Printing of Kepstan® PEKK



  • All the properties of amorphous Kepstan® PEKK plus

  • Slightly higher stiffness

  • Higher use temperature

  • Extreme chemical resistance

  • Requires post processing or high build temperature environment 

  • The most robust way to make semicrystalline PAEK parts by FFF

  • Limited geometry and dimensional tolerance

  • Consult or website for further advice

  • Excellent layer adhesion, great strength, toughness, ductility

  • Low warping, accessible print window

  • Very good chemical resistance -> superior to PEI, PPSU

  • Low flammability

  • Moderately high use temperature

  • Easy to process 

SLS Printing of Kepstan® PEKK

  • The same slow and tunable crystallization rate makes PEKK the ideal PAEK for SLS
  • Slow crystallization rate enables stress relief during crystallization, low melting point enables reasonable processing temperatures
  • Unconstrained design, maximum performance

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Outstanding Chemical Resistance

  • Samples were tested per ASTM D543.
  • 1 week of immersion at 23°C
  • Crystalline Kepstan® PEKK enables the best chemical resistance.
  • Amorphous Kepstan® PEKK also shows much better resistance versus PEI or PPSU.


Air Ducts for Transportation
  • Kepstan® PEKK meets the demanding requirements of industries such as aviation and transportation
  • 3D printing allows complex air ducts to be printed in one piece, saving time and money in production

 Air Ducts Grouped.jpg


Brackets for Aerospace
  • Kepstan® PEKK provides the mechanical strength, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance demanded by the aerospace industry
  • Specialized and complex brackets can be rapidly 3D printed, reducing inventory and saving cost
Aerospace Bracket 2.jpg Aeronautics Bracket 1.jpg
Material: Antero 800, Image Courtesy of Stratasys Image Courtesy of HEXCEL (HexAM® products)


Watch our webinar below to learn more about 3D printing using Kepstan® PEKK

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