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The primary goal of the scholarship is to educate the community on downstream sustainability topics while rewarding them for their creativity and passion.  
Watch this video interview with Suresh Ramachandran, Country Head, Arkema India, for a brief overview of the program.
Before launching the competition, Arkema leaders held some informal lectures on the topic on sustainability.

It was quite an eye-opener for the kids

The kids participated with energy and enthusiasm – supported strongly by parents, guardians, and teachers.
A cash award was given to the high schools of the winning students. The students themselves received laptops and tablets as prizes.
The beauty of the natural landscapes and the climate of the region was nicely captured by the young artists.
Several students were inspired by the subject, stating their desires to attend college and build a career in sustainability.
The overall theme of the competition was summarized by the Hindii word “Aalok”, meaning “enlightenment”.
Arkema is pleased to involve our partner customers in the Castor Scholarship Program by selecting four customers globally who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to sustainable innovation with Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) polymers.
Arkema would like to thank the following 4 customers in whose names, we have presented the scholarship awards…
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We want to congratulate the winners for their outstanding work…
…and to thank the parents and teachers for welcoming us.
The future is bright

Next year’s scholarship program will be launched in September of 2022

Next year’s scholarship program will be launched in September of 2022

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