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Specific Properties

  • Easily process complex injection molded parts
  • Lightweight
  • Dimensional stability
  • Impact resistance  
  • Chemical stability


  • Mobile and laptop bodyparts
  • Headphone components
  • Internal phone components
  • Mobile protective casings
  • Virtual reality device components 
  • Augmented reality device components

Focus on: Rilsan® PA11 (Nylon 11)

Advanced Bio-Circular Rilsan® PA11 resins offer incredible strength, durability, lightweight, chemical resistance, easy processing, and recyclability. Used for all types of components and parts, Rilsan® PA11 has numerous applications when the job calls for extreme performance for sustainability-minded engineers. 

Specific grades to explore:

Focus on: Pebax® Elastomers

Pebax® products provide easy processing ability, soft and flexible attributes, along with durability ideal for certain protective cases and cables. Combined with the more rigid grades of Rilsan®, the creative possibilities for device components are limitless

Multiple grades of Pebax® polymers can be considered for electronic components; contact an Arkema representative today to see how it can be applied to your products!

Focus on: Rilsan® Clear

Rilsan® Clear resins offer high transparency, lightweight, flexibility, chemical resistance, and easy processing. Used for aesthetic and glossy parts, Rilsan® Clear has numerous applications when the job calls for extreme performance and beautiful design. 

Specific Grades to Explore:

  • Rilsan® Clear G120 Rnew® – (Datasheet US/SI) high chemical and stress-cracking resistance; injection molding
  • Rilsan® Clear G170 – (Datasheet US/SI) outstanding thermal resistance; injection molding and extrusion
  • Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew® – (Datasheet US/SI) high fatigue and stress-cracking resistance; injection molding

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