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Coil coating is the continuous application of an organic coating on metal (most often aluminum or steel). Since the sheets are formed after coil coating process, coil coaters are constantly looking for improvements in scratch and abrasion resistance of the coating, its flexibility, and innovations in the final surface texture.

Inclusion of Orgasol® products in formulatons improves the coating's durability.  Orgasol® powder imparts the coating with a soft and regular texture and is an advantage in applications requiring very high abrasion resistance and flexibility while improving wear resistance. The addition of Orgasol® powder does not affect the weatherability, so it can be used in coatings to improve the performance of exterior building products.

Moreover, the wide range of Orgasol® powder average particle size enables coating manufacturers to work with particles from 20 to 60 um depending on the coating thickness and other requirements.

Compared to other competitive products that require a grinding step, the particle size distribution of Orgasol® powder is sharper and more accurately controlled by the manufacturing process.

To be convinced of Orgasol® powder performances, please check the comparison of Orgasol® powder and other common additives in terms of properties benefits for coatings.

Of particular interest to coatings manufacturers is the use of Orgasol® powder to improve the flexibility of the thermosetting polyester resin, especially when other paint additives may reduce coating flexibility. In such cases, ultrafine Orgasol® polyamide powders play the role of a thermoplastic toughening agent in the thermoset polyester matrix and improves the wear resistance and durability or the coating. By choosing the appropriately sized Orgasol® powder particle this effect will be optimized.  For example, the flexibility will be improved by smaller size particles.

In terms of processability, Orgasol® powder is easily dispersed in all kinds of vehicle and resin systems, especially in polyurethane and polyester formulations often used in coil coating.

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