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Multifunctional coating additives 

The Orgasol® and Rilsan® D products are high-performance, multi-functional coating additives based on polyamide chemistry.  These materials are problem solvers for your waterborne, solvent-borne and UV-coating formulations. The products provide benefits with both in terms of coating performance and processability of the coating.

Orgasol® polyamide powders

Orgasol® is a range of high-performance ultra fine
polyamide powders are used as additives in coatings, ink varnishes, and technical compounds.

Rilsan® D fine powders

Rilsan® D fine powders are a range of high-performance polyamide powders manufactured from a 100% renewable resource (castor plant) and are used as an additive in coatings.
Rilsan D.png

Surface Modification

Easy to Use

  • Good dispersion capacity
  • Compatible with SB, WB, and UV formulations
  • Reduced impact on rheology
  • Low density (no settlement)

Mechanical Properties

Download the Orgasol® and Rilsan® D Coating Additives Brochure

In this brochure, we present the full product range of multifunctional additives. You can discover a detailed explanation of the benefits of the additives in various coatings including water-based varnishes, UV finishes, UV-curable overprint varnishes, coil coating, water-borne PU and acrylic wood finishes. 

Download the brochure here

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