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Copper Cable

Kynar Flex® PVDF resins retain excellent physical properties in adverse chemical and thermal environments allowing them to be used when more flexibility and toughness are required. Kynar® PVDF resin can be used as a support layer or protective exterior jacketing. The chemical resistance of Kynar® and Kynar Flex® PVDF resins make them well-suited for use in corrosive chemical, acid and extreme temperature environments. Kynar Flex® PVDF resin also provides exceptional abrasion resistance, excellent UV resistance, inherent flame resistance, and low smoke generation.

Kynar® PVDF used in copper cable construction

Key Properties

-High continuous use temperature (150°C)
-Excellent chemical resistance
-Outstanding flame & smoke performance
-Not affected by UV or nuclear radiation
-Plenum rated
-Efficient crosslinking (175°C)

Key Markets

-Oil & Gas
-Datacenter / LAN / Telecommunication
-Heat Shrink Tubing
-Low Volatage (Fire Alarm)