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Coatings are applied to a wide variety of rubber items such as rubber gaskets for car windows, conveyor belts, latex gloves among others. Those need to increase the slipperliness of the rubber surface.

Orgasol® powders are used to decrease the coefficient of friction (COF) between glass or metal pieces and coated substrates. Due to their smaller COF, chemical and heat resistances, and outstanding abrasion resistance, Orgasol® powders can be used as an efficient solid lubricant while improving the wear resisitance of the component.

The COF decreases when the average particle size of Orgasol® powder is greater than the coating thickness because the COF is mainly controlled by the amount of particles on the surface.

The unique spherical shape of Orgasol®powder, as well as the narrow particle size distribution, also impact the friction coefficient.

Another advantage of Orgasol® powder is that it offers a broad range of melting temperatures (from 140°C to 210°C). This enables proper Orgasol® powder grade selection based on the curing temperature of the resin and prevents degradation of the particle shape.

The curing process of the coating may alter the Orgasol® powder spherical shape and the particle size if done at high temperature.

Orgasol® powder is easily dispersed in acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester. Orgasol® powder can be used in solvent based, water based, powder and 100% solid UV/EB curable formulations