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Parts of a Lithium Ion Battery

Electrode binders: Kynar® HSV series

KynarPVDF binder for electrode.jpg

  • Easy processing
  • High adhesion/lower loading
  • Lower swelling in electrolyte
  • Lower electrode resistivity
  • High voltage stability


Separator coatings: Kynar Flex® LBG series

KynarPVDF Separator Coating.jpg

  • High electrode adhesion (wet & dry)
  • High voltage stability
  • High dimensional stability
  • Controlled crystallinity
  • Nanoceramic compatibility for solvent & waterborne technologies 


Tailor-Made Performance

Arkema has been a pioneer in the development of high performance PVDF resins and flexible copolymers for several decades. Our proprietary process allows careful tailoring of molecular weight, particle size, crystallinity, and functionality.

Emulsion PVDF was originally designed, more than 50 years ago for high-end construction coatings where a small particle size is required to get a high level of gloss and smooth surface finish.

Higher Surface Area = Easier Dissolution = Faster Processing.

Today, in battery applications, those small particles, combined with their unique aggregated structure, result in a fast dissolution rate into NMP or Acetone as opposed to large suspension particles where NMP diffusion into the beads may be extremely slow. The small particles are also key in enabling a revolutionary ‘dry process mixing’.

Binder Innovation

Binder innovation is at the core of our strategy in the battery market. Arkema is committed to an exciting future in binder development that will drive safer, higher-performing cells. Arkema’s King of Prussia battery innovation hub in the USA leads the way and we invite customers to collaborate with us as we push the boundaries of cutting-edge technologies (e.g. high nickel binders, waterborne solutions, dry process prototypes). Our team is also eager to assist from our satellite technical centres in ChinaFranceJapan, and Korea.

Arkema's full portfolio of advanced materials for battery

 At Arkema, we have a wide portfolio of advanced materials covering applications inside and outside the cell, from cell to module and battery pack assembly up to battery system integration into the vehicle. Our solutions help to optimize performance and improve the battery energy density, duration, weight reduction and recharging time


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Global Supply and Support

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