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Healthcare Antistatic Applications

Arkema offers a wide range of medical grade resins for various healthcare applications.

Discover how our solutions for permanent antistatic applications can fit your needs with Mohana, Business Development Engineer for Healthcare.

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Arkema's Healthcare High Performance Polymers Portfolio

All products have been tested for ISO 10993-4 and -5 and USP Class VI
(compliance letters available upon request)

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Pebax® MV1074 SA01 MED elastomer is a plasticizer free thermoplastic elastomer made of rigid polyamide block and soft polyether block.

For medical devices where a build-up of static charges can impair device performance, Pebax® MV1074 SA01 MED elastomer, used as an antistatic additive:

  • Forms a 3D network in the matrix

  • Does not migrate to surface

  • Produces immediate and permanent antistatic effect, even at high or low humidity

  • Is much less sensitive to humidity than other chemical agents (migrating)

Pebax® MV1074 SA01 MED elastomer is compatible with a variety of matrices

Bio compatibility testing

All our medical grades have been USP Class VI and ISO 10993-4 and ISO 10993-5 tested. Compliance letters are available on demand.

Application Spotlight – Dry powder inhalers

Consistency of dosage is key to ensure safety, performance and reliability of the medical device.

Build-up of static charges can lead to drug powders sticking to the surface of the plastics, resulting in an inconsistent delivery dosage and performance.

Compounded in the matrix of the inhaler, Pebax® MV1074 SA01 MED resin will reduce the build-up of static charges and help improve the drug delivery dosage accuracy.

List of products for permanent antistatic properties

Pebax Med.jpg

Plasticizer-free thermoplastic elastomer made of
rigid polyamide 12 block and soft polyether block

Pebax® MV1074 SA01 MED – TDS