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What is Polyimide?

Polyimide (PI) is a unique family of ultra-high-temperature polymers containing imide linkage. PI has gained recognition for its material performance properties required for the highest demanding environments such as dimensional stability, heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation. PI can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from near -270℃ to above 400 ℃. Polyimide plays a crucial role in the electronics and aerospace industry because of its dimensional stability, electrical properties and flexibility.  By integrating advanced polyimide materials into their core, industries are accelerating into the future, crafting technology that not only meets the demands of tomorrow.

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Arkema acquires majority stake in PI Advanced Materials

In December 2023, Arkema acquired a controlling stake in PI Advanced Materials. Polyimide-based materials broaden Arkema’s polymer range with ultra-high performance and cutting-edge technology. With more than 30% global market share, PIAM, based in South Korea, is the global leader of polyimide films for flexible printed circuit boards and graphite sheets used in the high growth and high margin markets of mobile devices and electric vehicles.


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Enriched portfolio, global team 

As PI Advanced Materials becomes an Arkema affiliate, the strong synergies driven by product ranges and geographic complementarities between the two companies open doors for new customer experiences in the world of ultra-high-temperature polymers.

With the new enriched portfolio of advanced polymers integrating polyimide high-performance polymers, our global team is ready to provide you with support in your project. 


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