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Watch our webinar and discover the benefits of Rilsan® PA11 for hydrogen storage tanks !

Rilsan® PA11: the solution of choice for gas tank or hose barrier layer

  • Excellent barrier properties, much better than HDPE
  • Lower density than other PA
  • Low moisture uptake ensuring:
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Consistent mechanical properties
  • Compatibility & adhesion with other polymers and rubbers
  • Easy processing & high productivity for extrusion or extrusion blow-molding, especially compared to standard PA6
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • High & low temperature performance

Orgalloy® Grades for Alternative Fuel Systems:

  • Orgalloy® GT 01 NAT
    • Specific grade for gas tank
    • Datasheet (US/SI)
  • Orgalloy® LT 5050 NAT T6L
    • AC rubber hose barrier reference material
    • Datasheet (US/SI)

Rilsan® HT Grades for Alternative Fuel Systems:

The first flexible PPA - Rilsan® HT resin

A unique combination of properties:

  • Outstanding barrier performance (semi-aromatic)
  • Highest thermal & chemical resistance (long chain & semi-aromatic)
  • Low density
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Compatibility with other polymers
  • Easy processing

Recommended grades:

  • Rilsan® HT CESV BLACK P010 TL
    • Standard grade for both extrusion & extrusion blow molding
    • Datasheet (US/SI)

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