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Alternative Fuel Systems

Alternative fuels like compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are becoming more popular as they are producing lower vehicle exhaust emissions and have more environmentally friendly production processes. For these reasons, governments around the world are beginning to support alternative fuel development. As a result, zero emission fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen are now an industrial reality. With new fuels comes the need for new fuel containment technology. All of these fuels induce specific containment needs, especially in term of permeability and mechanical performance. As a major innovator within the fluid transfer industry and leader in providing sustainable material solutions, Arkema continues to develop new solutions in this market.


The solution of choice for gas tank or hose barrier layer:

  • Excellent barrier properties, much better than HDPE
  • Lower density than other PA
  • Low moisture uptake ensuring:
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Consistent mechanical properties
  • Compatibility & adhesion with other polymers and rubbers
  • Easy processing & high productivity for extrusion or extrusion blow-molding, especially compared to standard PA6
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • High & low temperature performance


Orgalloy® Grades for Alternative Fuel Systems:

  • Orgalloy® GT 01 NAT
    • Specific grade for gas tank
    • Datasheet (US/SI)
  • Orgalloy® LT 5050 NAT T6L
    • AC rubber hose barrier reference material
    • Datasheet (US/SI)

The first flexible PPA - Rilsan® HT resin

A unique combination of properties:

  • Outstanding barrier performance (semi-aromatic)
  • Highest thermal & chemical resistance (long chain & semi-aromatic)
  • Low density
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Compatibility with other polymers
  • Easy processing

Rilsan® HT Grades for Alternative Fuel Systems:

  • Rilsan® HT CESV BLACK P010 TL
    • Standard grade for both extrusion & extrusion blow molding
    • Datasheet (US/SI)

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