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Choose our fluoropolymer AgitechTM PVDF (PolyVinyliDene Fluoride) for its unadulterated high Chemical Resistance to Fuel and Hydrolysis along with its High Flame Resistance.

Extremely high performance material from a recycled source! Check below for all detailed features, specific features and its main applications.

Detailed features 

  • High abrasion resistance
  • High friction resistance
  • Very low permeability
  • High UV environment resistance
  • Excellent cold impact properties
  • Resistance to Solvents & acids
  • Resistance to Ethylene Glycol

Specific features 

  • Inherent flame-resistance (UL 94 - VO)

  • Resistance to fuel with high Ethanol content

Main applications

  • Fuel lines
  • Bowden cables
  • Mono & multilayer tubes
  • Industrial hoses
  • Copper plenum cables sheathing
  • Cathodic protection cables
  • Monofilaments
  • Semi-finished products (tubes, rods & plates)
Agitech Applications

AgitechTM PVDF properties in detail, compared to other grades in the Agiplast® product family


The AgitechTM PVDF is a recycled material made from a very high quality PVDF to begin with. The modulus here compared to that of the counter polymers PA12 rigid base or rigid. 


AgitechTM PVDF grades available 

Within the recycled PVDF AgitechTM grades we have a variety available for sampling. Reach out to our teams for more information.


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