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Agimid® Polyamide 11

Choose Agimid® 100% bio-based Polyamide 11 resins featuring high temperature resistance along with great chemical, physical, high aging, and abrasion resistance.  Agimid® PA11 resins come in flame retardant, conductive, antistatic, and glass fiber reinforced grades.

Detailed features

  • High abrasion resistance
  • High friction resistance
  • Stable modulus with moist environment
  • Lightest engineering polymer
  • Low water absorption
  • Higher temperature resistance than PA 12 (+/- 20°C)

Specific features

  • Flame retardant
  • Reinforcement with glass-fibers
  • Conductive & Antistatic
  • According to DIN 73378, GB16897:2010

A variety of applications in the extrusion field

  • Tubes, coils & spirals for compressed air

  • Fuel lines 

  • Fiber optic cables, anti termites & rodent resistance 

  • Corrugated tubes 

  • Multilayer tubes for air brake systems 

  • Air brake lines 

A variety of applications in the Injection field 

  • Wiper blades 
  • Cable ties 
  • Fittings, clips, brackets 
  • Fastening systems 
  • Car keys 
  • Rearview mirror components

Agimid® Polyamide 11 properties in detail, compared to other grades in their field


Agimid® PA11 resins are exceptionally lightweight with a neat resin density of only <1.03 g/cm3. With many industries looking for ways to reduce weight in their designs, Agimid® polyamide 11 grades can provide long term durability and strength, making metal replacement even more possible.

PA11 can also be used as the polymer matrix in composite designs for even more strength and further weight reduction.


Agimid® PA11 is available in a range of flexibilities. This is made possible by the addition of plasticizers (to increase flexibility) and carbon or glass fiber/beads (to increase rigidity). Agimid® PA11 also maintains its properties after exposed to moisture, compared to short-chain polyamides like PA6 and PA66, which are very susceptible to losing performance over time.

Impact Resistance

Agimid® PA11 generally outperforms PA12 when it comes to impact resistance. Polyamide 11 is especially tough at low temperatures and has been observed to be twice as resilient as polyamide 12 at -30ºC during a notched Charpy impact test. This incredible toughness can be attributed to Agimid® PA11's fine crystalline grid and spherolitical structure, as well as its molecular weight and polydispersity.

Melting Point

Compared to PA12, Agimid® PA11 has a slightly higher melting point. When comparing to Polymers of PA10.10 and PA6.12 you see the variation increase of higher melting points required. This gives Agimid® PA11 an all round benefit in use for various injection moulders or extrudors. 


Agimid® PA11 grades available!

Within the recycled Polyamide 11 Agimid® grades we have a variety available for sampling to your specific requirements. Reach out to our teams for more information.


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