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Arkema worldwide

Arkema offers high performance materials for all major additive manufacturing processes – UV curing, powder bed fusion and filament extrusion. For UV curing, Arkema offers N3xtDimension and Sartomer® resins, an integrated offering that includes custom formulations (for ready to print solutions), engineered resins (for a targeted performance and oligomers), and monomers, oligomers, cationic resins and photoinitiators (to optimize properties of formulations). Arkema’s powder bed fusion materials include the 100% bio-based Rilsan® PA11 Invent range, offering terrific mechanical properties; Orgasol® Invent Smooth PA12 with excellent finish; Kepstan® PEKK a high temperature, non-flammable material with excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion; and soon to come Pebax® Invent elastomers which are partly bio-sourced, offering lightness, and high energy return and shape retention. Arkema’s polymers for filament extrusion include: Kepstan® PEKK, enabling both amorphous and crystalline parts to replace metal parts; Kynar® PVDF, withstanding some of the most demanding environments thanks to its excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals such as corrosive halogens and strong acids, UV and flammability; as well as Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers renowned by the sports industry for excellent durability and energy recovery.