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“Thermoplastic composite materials using resins like Kepstan® PEKK will help lift the next generation of efficient and sustainable aircraft into the skies. Contact us to learn more about how this technology is making waves in the aerospace industry!”​​​​


Composites: Uni-Tape and Fabric

Arkema supplies Kepstan® PEKK resin for the production of composite materials such as uni-directional tapes. Please contact us to learn more about this exciting thermoplastic material!

In the field of aerospace applications, Arkema has entered into an R&D partnership with Hexcel for the development of UD tapes. Learn more in our press release here.

Manufacturing Process Enabled by Thermoplastics

Thermoplastics like Kepstan® PEKK enable new ways of producing composite parts. From in-situ consolidation, to new additive manufacturing techniques like automated tape layup, thermoplastics are changing the way we manufacture composite parts, saving time and money.

Powering the Future of Urban Air Mobility

Manufacturers of the next-generation of urban mobility aircraft are looking to the manufacturing advantages of thermoplastic composite materials to build their solutions. Contact us to learn more about how Kepstan® PEKK can help power this exciting new frontier!