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Kepstan® PEKK for High Performance Wire Coating

Kepstan® PEKK offers a high temperature, chemically inert, and abrasion resistant wire coating for conductors operating in harsh environments, including aerospace and oil and gas applications. Kepstan® PEKK also maintains insulative properties at elevated temperatures. 


Kepstan® PEKK shows great barrier performance, critical for oil and gas applications.

Excellent Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity Properties

Gas Flaming Non-Flaming
Carbon Monoxide 280 ppm

None Detected

Carbon Dioxide 2449 ppm

None Detected

Nitrogen Dioxide None Detected

None Detected

Sulfur Dioxide None Detected

None Detected

Hydrogen Chloride None Detected

None Detected

Hydrogen Fluoride None Detected

None Detected

Hydrogen Bromide None Detected

None Detected

  Condition Specification Unit Value
Flammability Rating (aero) 0.8 mm UL 94 - V-0
Fire Protection on Railway Vehicles (train) 2 mm

NF EN 45545

R22 / R23

- HL3
Heat Release Rate (OSU) 3.0 mm FAR 25.853 KW/m2 43.52
Limiting Oxygen Index 1.6 mm ISO 4589-2 %O2 35-35


Expanding Capabilities With Alloys

Kepstan® PEKK offers a unique ability to be alloyed with other polymer materials. Arkema offers several alloyed options to improve specific properties such as glass transition temperature, dielectric performance, or even cost reduction. Contact us to discuss your unique wire insulation needs!

Enabling The Next Generation of Electric Vehicles Using Kepstan® PEKK

Kepstan® PEKK is helping to power the next generation of sustainable transportation, supporting applications like magnet wire to power more efficient electric vehicles. Contact us to learn more!

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