Bio-based and high-performance

Our flagship Rilsan® Polyamide 11 (PA11) combines high-performance properties with sustainability (e.g. bio-based, recyclable/recycled-content). Rilsan® PA11 offers improved impact and abrasion resistance as well as better dimensional stability compared to shorter chain polyamides such as PA6 and PA66. The long-chain PA11 also offers one of the lowest moisture absorption of all polyamides making it great for water management.

Visit our Advanced Bio-Circular materials page to learn more. 

Using Rilsan® PA11 as a Replacement for PVC, HDPE, PP, CPVC

Benefits of Rilsan® PA11:

  • suitable for sanitary and potable water, including hot water (*select grades).
  • potable water systems exhibit greater mechanical strength.
  • has high impact, corrosion, and stress-cracking resistance.

  • has great chemical resistance (e.g. water treatments, chlorine, paints…).

  • provides great strength for molded threads, making it a perfect fit for connector and faucet components.

  • is easy to process using traditional polymer processing methods

Rilsan® PA11 Solutions to Replace Metals & Exotic Alloys

Benefits of Rilsan® PA11:

  • Up to 86% lighter than metal alternatives
  • saves manufacturing costs with easy processing

  • Lead or heavy metal not intentionally added
  • exhibits ZERO RUST/ROUGE with age
  • exhibits NO CORROSION, no need to be passivated
  • is strong, tough, and provides long-lasting service
  • offers self-lubricating grades for moving parts, gears, and impellers

Rilsan® PA11 vs Brass Fittings 

Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Easy process for precise designs
  • 280°C injection (1000°C for brass)
  • Manufacturing process consumes less energy than brass

Low Weight

  • Minimum 50% lighter
  • Ease of transportation, export and installation (horizontal and vertical)

Lower Environmental Impact

  • Reduced energy values
  • Bio-Based material
  • Recycling potential

Part Reliability

  • Drinking water certifications
  • Chemical and chlorine resistance
  • No corrosion
  • Heavy metal not intentionally added

Noise Reduction & Transparency

  • Vibration dampening
  • Transparency for inspection windows if amorphous


  • Smoother bore: improved flow/velocity
  • Lower thermal conductivity (cooler to touch/ safer)
  • Extended service life

Rilsan® PA11 Components for Sanitary and Potable Water

  • Water Meter: body, pressure plate, cap
  • Water Heater: potentiometer, cartridges
  • Water Filler: body
  • Fixtures: faucets, cartridges, valves, impellers, shaft
  • Deck Filler: body
  • Connectors

Bio-based Rilsan® PA11 Applied As Protective Coatings

Water quality depends on the quality of the distribution lines and their resistance to corrosion. Arkema offers a wide range of solutions that are both cost-efficient, lightweight, and easy to process. 

Metal tube coatings made from Rilsan® PA11 have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and are an excellent alternative to traditional stainless steel. Rilsan® PA11 is also much safer than traditional brass or "lead-free" brass as it contains no lead or heavy metals intentionally added. 

Easy to Process. Outstanding Properties.

Rilsan® PA11 polymers are easily processed using standard processing equipment and the resultant tubings, fittings, connectors, and turbines are easily maintained and adapted during their long service life. Their inherent resistance to chemicals and corrosion combined with the absence of contaminants make them well suited to replace brass or stainless steel.

Components made from Rilsan® PA11 do not rust or rouge, and they are extremely lightweight and durable. See your Arkema representative for approved grades for safe water contact and consumption. 

Potable and Sanitary Water Applications


Material Instead of: Up to: For:
  • Connectors for cold drinking water  
Rilsan® BZM 30 O TLDA


  • reduced weight (1/7)
  • no lead
  • no corrosion
  • Connectors for hot drinking water 


  • Rilsan® PA11



194F (90C)

  • reduced weight (1/7)
  • no lead
  • no corrosion
  • Sanitary Faucets
  • Shower Housings
  • Cartridges
  • Valves 
  • Glass fiber reinforced Rilsan® PA11 

Stainless-steel / PS / PVDF

185F (85C)

  • no corrosion
  • up to 75% process cost reduction
  • no lead
  • hot water (up tp 85C)


  • Water Meter
  • Body Valves
  • Shaft
  • Impeller
  • Glass fiber reinforced Rilsan® PA11 



  • resistant to water pressure, friction, abrasion, and high temperatures
  • resistance to hot water and vapors
  • water erosion resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • long lifecycle


For a comparative volume, Rilsan® PA11 will offer a lower production cost as well as a better environmental impact due to a low density. Rilsan® PA11 is devoid of lead or any heavy metal contaminants intentionally added. Rilsan® PA11 does not corrode and boasts a great resistance to saltwater, oils, and chemicals.

  • Rilsan® PA11 offers better chemical resistance and similar performance compared to PPSU
  • Rilsan® PA11 is 100% bio-based and can be recycled

HPP Product Offerings with Drinking Water Certification

  • 2 Rilsan® BMN G8 TLDA 
    • Existing application: rigid gears for water meters
    • Datasheets (US/SI)
  • 2 Rilsan® BUM 30 O 
    • Existing application: potentiometers for thermostats of water heaters
    • Datasheets (US/SI)
  • 2 Rilsan® BZM 30 O TLDA 
    • Existing application: connectors
    • Datasheets (US/SI)