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Non-intrusive Bonded Fastener Introduction

In this case study, we will examine a non-intrusive bonded fastener commercialized under the brand
name C-BLOCK™. This revolutionary fastener is designed by Cold Pad – a French bonding and fastening solution provider. C-BLOCK™ is specifically designed for use in nuclear power plants because instead of drilling into the concrete wall it bonds to the wall. C-BLOCK™  is easy and safe to install and remove thanks to its non-invasive feature. This fastener is also able to sustain seismic
loading conditions
to an intermediate deformation layer 3D-printed with Polyamide 11. The deformation layer is a component that seats between the substrate (wall, floor, ceiling) and the fastener.

Key challenges 

When developing the intermediate deformation layer, Cold Pad engineers aimed to address the following material challenges:
  • Fastened assembly's durability 
  • Anti-seismic properties 
  • Removability 
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