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In an era where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, the sportswear industry is called upon to embrace circularity and drive innovation towards a greener future.

Durable & bio-based materials - such as Rilsan® PA11 - provide a compelling solution to the environmental challenges posed by conventional fossil-based synthetic fibers. By utilizing these materials in sportswear apparel items, we can drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with production and consumption, thereby minimizing the industry's impact on our planet.

Meet the Cyclon-T, the 100% bio-circular sportswear T-shirt developed by our partner On Running.



Designed with sustainability and circularity in mind, the Cyclon-T is entirely manufactured from Rilsan® PA11 fibers. This monomaterial approach allows the apparel to be recycled at its end-of-life.

Of course, using Rilsan® PA11 fibers makes the T-shirt highly durable, so you can wear it for years before being worn-out.

The Cyclon-T is available through On's Cyclon program, allowing customers to return the products instead of throwing them out, and allowing Arkema to regenerate them into useful and high-performing materials in our Recycling Excellence Center (Agiplast) in Italy.


The use of Rilsan® PA11 for textile applications is not new. When the material was invented in 1947, the first applications targeted were for textiles (as other nylons at the time). 

Being derived from a renewable feedstock (castor beans) Rilsan® PA11 fibers reduce our overall oil dependency.
These fibers offers a better sustainability profile compared to fossil-fuel conventional fibers, with up to 70% carbon footprint reduction vs other nylons and positive societal impact thanks to our Pragati program to help castor farmers in India.

Visit our Sustainability page for more information


Rilsan® PA11 fibers brings several technical advantages compared to conventional fossil-based fibers such as:
- Fast drying behaviour
- Lightness
- Thermal comfort & heat transfer
- Soft touch feeling
- High durability

To learn more about Rilsan® PA11 performance in textile applications, visit our dedicated page :

Benefits of Rilsan® PA11 in Apparel & Sportswear


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