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Minimalist micro-emulsion

Divinely sensorial and highly efficient, it is made following an energy-saving process and contains only 6 ingredients, each one inspired by nature. The challenge of achieving these properties is met thanks to Orgasol® Green Touch. The bio-sourced powder helps build up the texture's consistency whilst preserving lightness and fast absorption. lts light diffusion properties impart an efficient "blur effect" to the formula.

Oil-in-water fresh balm

lt has the rich, solid appearance of a butter, but contains more than 50% water! The original hot-poured texture with a smooth elastic cushion effect offers a surprisingly fresh feel and penetrates quickly. Orgasol® Restore helps the texture transform upon application and supports regenerative benefits with instant visible results.


Transforming hot-poured emulsion

lt looks like fresh snow, with a fun crunchy feel under the fingers. Put it on the skin and it releases a blissful dew - the wax is seemingly magically absorbed and leaves a sensation of freshness and lightness. The quick break effect, fast absorption and the smooth powdery after feel are delivered by Orgasol® 4000 EXD NAT COS CARESSE.