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Green Touch is the name of the 100% bio-based grade of Orgasol® powders. A genuine technical achievement, it is the perfect choice when it comes to bold textures and uncompromising experiences. In Aura, our new summer collection, you’ll find a playground of products combining ultra-light feel with advanced functionalities – as well as the advantages of its natural origin and renewable sourcing


Gel-To-Powder Eye Shadow

Designed for the bold and authentic, this innovative gel-to-powder eye shadow emphasizes your look with a divine gold. Orgasol® GREEN TOUCH powders are the key to a perfectly even coverage and intense color. Moreover, the powder enhances the bouncy and velvet touch and facilitates the spreading of the eye shadow. Its polyamide structure accounts for the efficient drying and long lasting effects. 

Nova Sheer SPF50

Mineral Sunscreen Stick

New Beauty is nomad and adventurous but highly demanding when it comes to product composition and user experience. Nova Sheer SPF 50 meets the challenge with its high protection, sustainability and sensorial experience all in a convenient stick! This sunscreen is based on mineral filters which provide high protection and leave a non-sticky and invisible film on the skin. In the formula, ORGASOL® GREEN TOUCH powders deliver a velvet touch, oil absorption, fast drying, and better protection thanks to its superior spreadability and homogeneity. 

Light Capture

Illuminating Pressed Powder

When your natural aura just needs a little boost, Light Capture provides the ideal pure transparent summer glow. Your inner light enhanced! The addictive illuminating powder captures the light in a unique way while enhancing the natural look of your skin with unparalleled homogeneity. The formula offers the signature cushion and velvet feel of ORGASOL® GREEN TOUCH powders along with a perfect pick-up and better compaction.