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Staying active without compromising with your own style requires the best cosmetic formulations and you will give them a hard time : they need to be light but last even after intense workout sessions, to resist to sweat, water and change in temperatures and to protect your skin with high SPF level for outdoor activities. Achieving those outstanding properties is not magic, it is a science that requires the most efficient ingredients, and our Orgasol® powders are definitely one of them.

Photo Finish Liquid Foundation

Photo Finish is a lightweight liquid foundation and a natural matte finish for active women. It is ideal for outdoor acvtivities with its SPF50. Photo Finish features Orgasol® 4000 EXT NAT COS CARESSE. It brings velvetiness upon application while keeping a natural skin glow and a homogeneous color even when working out. Helps active women look good even while exercising.

Cool Down Refreshing Gel

Want to recover after your workout session? Cool Down is a cooling gel moisturizer that instantly refreshes, hydrates and comforts your face. It looks like fresh snow, with a fun crunchy feel under the fingers. It releases a blissful dew upon application - the wax is seemingly magically absorbed and leaves a sensation of freshness and lightness. The quick break effect, fast absorption and the smooth powdery after feel are delivered by Orgasol® 4000 EXT NAT COS CARESSE.