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Kynar® PVDF is a tough, chemically resistant, and high purity polymer that has been solving corrosion problems for engineers and designers for over 50 years. Kynar® PVDF can be processed into stock shapes that can be formed into tanks, vessels, and processing equipment. Fabricated processing equipment made from Kynar® PVDF offers higher performance, extended service life, and less down time than vessels made with commodity materials.

FRP Dual Laminate Tanks

Fabric-backed sheet made from Kynar® and Kynar Flex® PVDF can be formed into the desired tank geometry, and the fiberglass is applied to the fabric on the outside of the tank to form the structural layer. This method of fabrication is common in the chemical process and semiconductor industry when a lightweight and cost effective solution is required.

Drop-In Tank Liners

For a cost effective, high performance tank, thinner gauge Kynar® and Kynar Fle PVDF can be fabricated into a drop in liner for chemical resistance, while the metal tank provides the structural component. This method of fabrication is commonly used in the metal plating and surface finishing industry.

Lined Metal Tanks

Fabric backed sheets made of Kynar Flex® PVDF can be bonded to an existing metal structure using an adhesive or epoxy. This method of construction is common in the chemical process industry in harsh environments as a cost-effective alternative to exotic metal alloys.

Stand Alone Tanks and Vessels

Kynar® PVDF is strong enough to be fabricated into stand-alone vessels without structural support. This is a common form of construction in semiconductor processes where high purity is necessary.