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The new Casio PRO TREK PRW-61 using bio-based Rilsan® polymer

One of the most recognized watch brands in the world, Casio Computer Co., Ltd has launched a new line of PRO TREK models made with Arkema's bio-based polyamide 11 (PA11).

For the first time in any Casio watches, the PRW-61 uses Arkema’s advanced bio-circular (ABC) polymer Rilsan® PA11, produced from castor seed, a natural raw material that does not grow at the expense of food crops.

Rilsan® PA11 is a high-performance polymer of renewable origin and a trusted source of performance in highly demanding applications for 75 years.

Being used for Casio's new PRW-61, Arkema’s true sustainability offer, ABC materials (Advanced Bio-Circular materials) provides extensive advantages such as lightweight, durability, and outstanding impact resistance properties, and contributes to the circular economy and to carbon footprint (climate change) reduction.