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MIDO – the first European event for eyewear – has been bringing forward the trendiest designs and most advanced optometry solutions for over 50 years. MIDO 2022 is the eagerly anticipated upcoming edition of the fair that will welcome over 59,000 industry members to the halls of Fiera Milano.

MIDO Milan 2022 will bring together all operators in the eyewear sector, from manufacturers and distributors to agents, representatives and exclusive retailers. Over 1,500 companies participate in the MIDO exhibition, which offers the perfect opportunity to share projects and proposals, reassess the sector, analyse economic and social themes, and discuss trends and new developments through high-profile meetings and interactive events.

Sustainable and Premium Performance of our optical solutions

Arkema will present its Advanced Bio-Circular polymers made from castor oil, suitable for the injection of frames and for laser sintering 3D printing applications !

Environmentally friendly, Arkema’s flagships Rilsan® Polyamide 11 and Pebax® elastomers exhibit outstanding transparency, flexibility for comfort, chemical resistance and are extremely lightweight. Transparency is crucial for creative and beautiful eyewear design and Rilsan® Clear resins can be even more transparent than glass. These resins are also BPA and BPS free.

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Rilsan® Polyamide 11 Resin
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Produced from castor oil, Rilsan® PA11 resin is a high-performance polymer of 100% renewable ...

Pebax® Elastomer Family
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Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers consist of polyamide and polyether backbone blocks. ...

With a dedicated offer for 3D printing technologies, Arkema is actively working together with many partners to provide the eyewear industry with the adequate Rilsan® powder resins used to produce customized and unique high performing parts.

Arkema is a global pioneer in advanced polyamide 11 materials derived 100% from sustainable castor oil, and the company is a founding member of the Pragati initiative for sustainable castor bean farming in India.

In 2019, Arkema created its Virtucycle® recycling program and announced the planned acquisition of Agiplast, its historical partner in recycling operations. This enables the company to offer a full service to customers in terms of materials circularity. The program develops loops for the collection and regeneration of high-performance polymers while minimizing CO2 emissions.

Our products

Rilsan® Fine Powders
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Rilsan® Fine Powders are highly durable thermoplastic polyamide powders. These powders have been developed for metal coating but are ...