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Arkema worldwide

Arkema is a global supplier of high performance polymers used in the Food and Beverage processing industry.  These polymers are sold under the trade names Kynar® PVDF, Rilsan® PA11, and Pebax® TPE and are available in the form of latexes, powders, or pellets. Main applications include flexible tubes, conveyor belts, pumps, valves, fittings, gears, bearings, powder coated metals, and others.  These polymer resins can be used to construct long lasting, durable equipment components. Arkema – Innovative materials for a sustainable world.

Our speakers for this event

David A. Seiler

Americas Business Manager, Industrial; Global Advisor Fluoropolymers

“Study of the Positive Effects Seen When Using Fluorinated Polymer Processing & Recycling Aids (PPRA) in reprocessed LLDPE”