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Arkema worldwide

Arkema is a material solutions company with a broad range of products for battery cell and pack components. Kynar® HSV PVDF binder is used in high-capacity electrodes for excellent adhesion at low loading. In separator coatings, Kynar Flex® LBG series provides excellent adhesion to the separator and the electrodes in order to withstand high voltages. Rilsan® PA11, a bio-sourced polyamide resin, provides excellent electrical insulation to protect high voltage busbars and battery cooling elements with easier application than epoxies.  For the highest temperature requirements, Kepstan® PEKK can also be coextruded or applied as a coating to provide electrical insulation and limit the risk of a thermal runaway situation.  Foranext® Ultra-Pure LiFSI lithium salt enables high ionic conductivity and stability in high voltage cathode/anode systems. Foranext® LiTDI is an electrolyte additive that helps significantly increase battery lifetime.