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An advanced yarn solution providing superior & durable cooling performance to be integrated in fabrics used for demanding sports apparel applications


During physical activity, the body generates a great amount of heat, which can lead to elevated core temperatures and discomfort. To face this challenge, innovations in textile engineering have led to the design of cooling fabrics, making use of cooling yarns.
Thanks to its extrusion expertise and continuous R&D efforts towards new polymers, Luxilon industries developed an innovative monofilament yarn based on Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers (Luxicool®) dedicated to applications where cooling performance is of paramount importance.


Market: Sports

Industry: Textile

Application: Apparel, Sportswear, Workwear, Medical

Production Process: Filament extrusion, Twisting

Material: Pebax® Thermoplastic Elastomer

Partner: Luxilon Industries  

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