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Talee Cranial Orthosis <em>Photo credit Invent Medical</em>
Talee Cranial Orthosis Photo credit Invent Medical


In this case study, we present Invent Medical’s innovation – custom-made and 3D-printed cranial orthosis Talee. Invent Medical’s ambition for Talee is to improve the cranial orthosis treatment experience for both babies and clinicians. Today Talee is a comprehensive solution that utilizes a 3D scanner, software and custom 3D printed cranial orthosis delivery. The company has been manufacturing and serving patients with traditional helmets for more than 15 years. As one of the top players in the EU in this field, Invent Medical has treated more than 15.000 little patients.


Market: Medical Devices

Application: Cranial Orthosis for Infants

Technology: Multi Jet Fusion Additive Manufacturing 

Material: HP 3D HR PA11

Client: Invent Medical

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