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Arkema announces a 50% global capacity expansion for its Oleris® advanced bio-materials, expected to start mid-2022. It includes C7, C11 and C18 materials, comprising n-heptanoic acid, n-heptaldehyde, undecylenic acid and Esterol A. This new production capacity will be part of Arkema’s previously announced major bio-factory currently under construction on Jurong Island in Singapore.

For many years, Arkema has been the leader in advanced bio-based C7, C11 and C18 oleochemicals used extensively in the cosmetics, fragrances & flavors, lubricants, construction, and pharmaceutical markets. These specialty chemicals are 100% derived from renewable castor seeds. Oleris® advanced bio-materials are recognized for their carbon-neutral footprint as well as for their high purity, broad compliance, and technical quality.

The new capacity is scheduled to come on-stream mid-2022 and will complement Arkema’s existing production in Marseille, France. This represents a step change in global supply assurance.

This is an important step forward for sustainable bio-materials. The demand is stronger than ever for truly sustainable solutions. We are committed to driving sustainable castor bean farming and to expanding our global supply capability in concert with our customers. The expansion is completely consistent with our strategy to serve each region from within the region and its timing is welcomed by the market, which shows a strong demand for bio-based specialties.”

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